Beverage packaging specialist - PET plastic bottles

There are a lot of new packaging on the beverage market now. At present, there are mainly several types of plastic used for beverage packaging:

1. Polyvinyl chloride: PVC can be divided into hard products, soft products and paste products. The PVC bottle produced by injection, drawing and blowing method has no stitches, the bottle wall is even and thick, and it can contain pneumatic drinks such as Cola, soda, etc. PVC bottles produced by extrusion blow molding are only suitable for juice and mineral water.

2. Polyethylene: PE is the world's largest synthetic resin production, is also the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials. Polyethylene products can be divided into low density, medium density and high density three kinds. High density polyethylene has a high degree of crystallinity, its hardness, air tightness, mechanical strength, chemical resistance properties are good, so it is widely used to blow molding into bottles and other hollow containers.

3. PP: With the successful development of transparent modifier -- nucleating agent, the common PP is added with 0.1% ~ 0.4% sorbiol xylene (benzaldehyde) nucleating agent, and the high transparency PP bottle produced can be widely used in the packaging of drinks that need heat sterilizing, such as concentrated juice and other drinks that need high temperature filling. Its price is appropriate, pressure resistance and temperature resistance.

4. PET: The PET bottle produced by two-axis extension blow molding has good transparency, high surface gloss and glassy appearance. It is the most suitable plastic bottle instead of glass bottle.Widely used in all kinds of tea drinks, juice and other drinks that need hot filling, different volume for individual and family needs, by the majority of consumers praise.

In terms of the market share of the world's major beverage countries, PET bottles account for more than 70%. It is widely believed by consumers that PET bottles have such characteristics as "large capacity, transparent, intuitive, light and easy to open, refrigerated, easy to carry, strong and recyclable", which provides a broad market prospect for its development.