Are forehead guns harmful to human health

Now when people are away, they take their temperature with a forehead warmer. There are also some questions about the forehead thermos, so let's answer some questions about the forehead thermos.

1. Will there be radiation to human body when using the forehead temperature gun?

Almost anything emits infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. When the forehead temperature gun is pointed at your forehead, the sensor in the gun can convert the infrared radiation signal into electrical signal according to the infrared energy emitted by your forehead, and then through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, and in accordance with a certain algorithm and target emittance correction, the temperature value of the measured target can finally be converted into. Therefore, the forehead gun does not produce any harmful radiation to the human body.

2. How to use the forehead warmer properly?

Before measurement, the subject should wipe off the sweat and sebum, keep the forehead clean and dry, and the hair should not cover the forehead; If the temperature difference between the two environments is too large, the subjects should take a rest in the measuring environment for about 15 minutes, and then take measurements after they get used to the ambient temperature, which can make the measurement results more accurate.When measuring, the head of the forehead thermometer should be aimed at the center of the measured forehead, and the position between the two eyes should be slightly up, no more than 1cm from the forehead.The normal range of human body temperature is "36℃~37℃". If the measurement results exceed 37.2℃, it can be preliminarily judged as fever.