The era of PET spray bottles is coming

      In the past two years, the "circular economy" has become very popular, especially in the field of plastic packaging. Major FMCG companies have successively released their 2025/2030 vision, aiming to reduce the content of new petroleum-based plastic materials in plastic packaging and increase the The proportion of recycled plastics or bio-based plastics.
     Because spray bottles can meet the requirements of diversified protection of commodities, the shelf life of foods is significantly improved; and the packaging process is simple, easy to operate and use; an affinity packaging form; saving packaging and transportation costs; low resource energy consumption, environmental protection and other advantages. Therefore, spray bottles are playing an increasingly important role in many fields.
      It is understood that as the supply capacity of my country's spray bottle industry continues to improve, it will provide more opportunities for product export growth. In addition, as the domestic consumer market continues to mature, the export market will shift to become more companies seeking sustainable development. Important way. In short, the export market prospects of my country's spray bottle industry will be very broad.
While spray bottles are developing steadily, spray bottle companies should pay more attention to the safety of plastic packaging. Only in this way can the spray bottle industry achieve substantial development.